Globalisation poetry

                                 we wrote different styles of poetry that related to globalisation


Fairy tale with a twist

Once upon a time there dwelled on the outskirts of a large forest a poor woodcutter with his wife and two children. The two children of the woodcutter were sent into the forest by their stepmother. The forest was dark, gloomy, and freezing cold wind whipped through the pines. The canopy blocked the moonlight getting through.

Hansel had eyes the colour of garnet and  was wearing dull, dirty and shapeless clothes. Gretel was very thin with protruding bones jutting out from underneath her scruffy dirt covered clothes. Her yellow hair was hacked short because of the nits that had infected her and Hansel. Her hazel eyes looked anxiously ahead. Up ahead the siblings saw a very unusual sight.

They noticed a house made entirely of out candy. They smiled at each other and started eating     “CRUNCH”. An old lady came out and yelled “Why are you two eating my house?” she wore a silky, black and clean apron. Her eyes were blue as the ocean and her black hair was tied in a bun

The siblings pushed past the old lady and continued to devour the house greedily. The old lady begged and pleaded “please don’t eat my house” “mmm, chomp, Om nom nom, burp!” replied the unpleasant siblings. Hansel and Gretel’s eating continued for hours until there was nothing left of the house but some crumbs.

The siblings snickered as the old lady called the police “Help!” she wailed. Police officers came and the old lady pointed at Hansel and Gretel. The officers cuffed the twins and tasered them before pushing them roughly into the van.

In the court Hansel and Gretel’s parents looked ashamed of the twins. “For the crimes you have committed you are sentenced to 12 years without parole” said the judge. At this Hansel and Gretel reacted with shock but they learnt the hard way something we all should know ‘never be GREEDY!’.


Once upon a time